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May:Hello Allan, could please introduce yourself to us, and your professional background?



Allan Klepfisz:

Hi. I’m Allan Klepfisz and I think the best way to describe me, perhaps, is as a Serial Entrepeneur. I have conceptualized and created multiple companies based on solving existing and sometimes seemingly intractable problems. I suppose I love solving problems.

嗨。我是Allan Klepfisz,我认为形容我最好的方式,或许是一个连续创业者。我构想并创建过很多个公司来解决现有市场上看似棘手的问题。我想我喜欢解决问题。


I have, for example, with colleagues, filed many patents during COVID for personal protection products-about 10. The common orientation is problem solving.



But with FENIX, it all began by trying to solve a major inequity- very famous artists were able to make lots of money but the vast majority of musicians were starving. The idea was to create an ecosystem where even an artist with a few thousand fans could earn a living.



At the moment, you can have a singer with millions of fans and they still can’t earn a living.



For example, we took some Chinese artists with us to Europe. One-a traditional singer Ayinoor- reported on our event-and received 38 million views on social media in 2 days. But she must work VERY HARD to make a living.



May:What was the opportunity that made you decide to set up FENIX? Btw,Can you briefly introduce FENIX ? 



Allan Klepfisz:So the opportunity with FENIX began by being arguably the first platform truly devoted to the artist. With record labels, artists receive between 5% and 15% of revenue typically.



With social media platforms, the platform receives most of the money, the artist receives the fans. With us- facilitated by blockchain and crypto- we provide the artists with 80% of ad revenue and 97% of merchandise revenue.



This is possible because the blockchain model for the first time is an economic model that doesn’t require investors to make money from profit distribution- it can mostly go to the artist. The supporters can make money from our FNX coins if we have a successful business.


May:So could you tell us specifically how this platform realizes such a vision?



Allan Klepfisz:Our (already functioning) ARTIST DASHBOARD allows a musician to create their own unique, distinctive  & powerful “SHAREABLE WEBAPP” in around 20 minutes (and manage their entire business) .



This app incorporates their existing social media, music, videos etc. (and lucratively monetizes them) and allows the artist to effortlessly sell merchandise globally (previously challenging), sell tickets (previously difficult if not impossible for small shows) etc.这个应用这个程序整合了他们现有的社交媒体,音乐,视频等(并有利可图地盈利),并允许艺术家毫不费力地在全球销售商品(行业之前存在的挑战),销售门票(之前的小型演出想要售票很难)等。


 The app is promoted and distributed by each band and consequently rather than having a marketing department of say 200 like the larger music services, we potentially have the equivalent of tens of thousands (or more) artists promoting the FENIX app.



If the recipient of the WEBAPP likes FENIX, they can go to one of many APP stores and download the full APP which has all bands on it.



ARTIST DASHBOARD.                                                  



   SHAREABLE APP                             



We will have a China version of FENIX- BAO PO- and a global version of FENIX. In China we have powerful partners including CIBN- a division of state-owned CBN that is the infrastructure backbone of China broadcasting. During COVID, CIBN put on about 27 soothing online concerts. They were sponsored by CIBN, a division of the Ministry of Culture and FENIX.





But now, we have seen an even larger opportunity during lockdown. We will have 2 quick phases- over the next 90 days we will be introducing MANY celebrity artists from all professions-not just musicians.



We realize that our apps ability to provide everything to fans, and allow communication between fans and creators in unique and suited to authors, actors, film directors, painters, fashion designers etc. We will be iintroducing MANY VERY high profile artists in these various categories.



And in the next phase, we will be introducing FENIX as a new, more exciting form of social media, where a user can create their own app in 20 mins and share it with a closed or open circle.



And it will have divisions for ALL their interests- games, movies, TV series, MUSIC of course, recipes, remedies etc. And these interests will automatically match the user up to people with similar interests. So FENIX will mutate to a UNIQUE & EXCITING social media platform.


May:I think it is very important for this project to have a wealth of band resources. What unique advantages does your team have in this field? Do you currently have a band that you have negotiated a collaboration with?



Allan Klepfisz:As we were building FENIX we incorporated 1500+ bands to learn from them. They loved the concept and gave us many valuable ideas.