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Vswap的理想是让用户因为使用区块链而感受到数字资产的便利。Vswap DAO跨越种族、国家、宗教的隔阂,让大家都通过建设vswap生态经济圈而走到一起,为广泛的人群提供了就业和兼职的机会。 

JPFirst of all, thank you for the invitation to 499 AMA event and admire your professionalism.

Please allow me to introduce Vswap. Vswap is a DEFI eco that integrates wallet business, DEX business, NFT market, insurance mechanism, and community functions. The current business areas that are still expanding include lending services, payment services, and layer2 networks. Vswap is a community-based open cooperation system. Core Developers play a coordinating role in DAO for technical realization and organizing more developers to join the Vswap ecosystem. At present, Vswap users have covered more than 50 countries around the world, with hundreds of thousands of active community users. Global users participate in the development and construction of the Vswap ecosystem by governing the usage scenarios of tokens. On April 16, the Vswap governance token VAL will open a  priceraise crowdpooling on the world-renowned decentralized platform DODO to establish initial liquidity. We believe that with the value discovery of VAL, it can further promote the enthusiasm of Vswap developers and community building. And after the initial liquidity construction is completed, Vswap has a better pool to move forward to the stage of liquidity mining.



For trading, Vswap has built ETH DEX and BSC DEX on the first layer of the dual network. On the next stage, the development team will finalize the technical research of the layer2 standards. It has been decided to adopt ZKRollup's zero-knowledge proof mechanism to form a high-speed layer2 transaction response mechanism. But unlike other competing products in the market, Vswap will join the concept of insurance to enter the layer2 to hedge against the transaction delays of the first- and second networks and exchange risks caused by deposits and withdrawals. At the same time, insurance mining pools are introduced into the layer2, so that exchange risk hedging addresses can obtain contract incentives. This design concept is currently considered be an advance solution in the field of  blockchain industry.

在交易领域,Vswap在一层网络已经建设了 ETH DEX和 BSC DEX,在下一个阶段,开发组将进行二层网络标准的技术路线定型。目前已经决定采用ZKRollup的零知识证明机制来组建一个高速二层交易响应机制。但与市场其他竞品不同的是,Vswap将加入保险这一概念进入二层网络,用来对冲一二层网络的交易时延、存提款造成的汇兑风险。同时也将保险矿池引入到二层网络中来,使得汇兑风险对冲地址可以获得合约的激励。这一设计理念,目前在全球区块链开发领域尚属首创。


For NFT, Vswap has innovated the concept of community NFT. NFT artists all come from Vswap native community to create original works. The works are born from the consensus of Vswap and stay still among the members of the Vswap community. Different from other NFT markets, Vswap's native NFT market has: price-limiting hard-top protection mechanism, artists and community members join together in production, the community provides an insurance repurchase system, and Vswap grants NFT more community honors, etc. Initiative has its own unique development path.



Lending part, Vswap is currently conducting secondary development based on the compound protocol, combining community assets and governance tokens with popular crypto asset lending, and further piercing the correlation between Vswap and ETH and other crypto assets.



In the field of payment, Vswap cooperates with well-known international encrypted payment organizations, and through qualifications for international financial licenses, the exchange scenarios of international bank accounts and digital asset transactions are implanted into Vswap Wallet, so that community members can complete the reality through the wallet. The exchange of assets and community assets.

在支付领域,Vswap与国际知名加密支付组织进行合作,通过国际金融牌照的资格传递,将国际银行账户与数字资产交易的兑换场景植入到Vswap Wallet 中,使得社区成员可以通过钱包就可以完成现实资产与社区资产的互通互换。


In terms of community, Vswap already has active community users in 53 countries around the world, and has a wide range of fans in Europe, America, South Korea, and Vietnam. Vswap differs from other blockchain projects in the community. We also have a wide range of supporters in countries and regions such as the Africa, Nepal, India, and the Middle East. They also formed telegram community and local social software community. The reason for this kind of community distribution is that the people of the world have felt the sincerity of Vswap using blockchain technology to connect a wider range of people. Vswap DAO crosses the barriers of race, country, and religion, and allows everyone to come together by building a vswap eco-economic circle.

在社区方面,Vswap已经在全球53个国家拥有社区活跃用户,在欧美、韩国、越南都有广泛的爱好者群体。Vswap跟其他区块链项目不同的社区情况是,我们在非洲大陆、尼泊尔、印度、中东等国家和地区也拥有广泛的支持者,他们也都组成了电报群落和当地社交软件社区。这种社群分布的原因,是因为世界人民感受到了Vswap使用区块链技术连接更广泛的人群的诚意。Vswap DAO跨越种族、国家、宗教的隔阂,让大家都通过建设vswap生态经济圈而走到一起。


Our ideal is to let our users feel the convenience of digital assets because of the use of blockchain. Our ecology provides employment and part-time jobs for a wide range of people. Sum up,the core development team will continue to work hard to build up Vswap framework.


海带The competition of DEX in DeFi is fierce. What are the characteristics and advantages of Vswap in terms of team, technology, operation, etc.?


JPVswap developers are a global collaborative organization, which is different from the traditional vertical structure organization.The advantage of this organizational mechanism is that core developers can focus on judging functions and requirements, and then output on infrastructure and interface development.The advantage of Vswap is that we are a multi ecosystem, not just a simple trading function.It now appears that this ecosystem is gradually improving. Our functions cover transactions, lending, insurance, NFT markets, community organization, wallet services, etc.

We have built up the cooperation with banking services. In terms of technology, we follow pragmatism, which guides our development.


We have built up the cooperation with banking services. In terms of technology, we follow pragmatism, which guides our development.The goal of technology is how to use the blockchain in the simplest way for a wider range.In operation level, we have adopted the DAO organizational structure, and now thousands of self-organized groups around the world have joined Vswap.



Vswap的优势在于我们是一个多维度的生态体系,不仅是简单的交易功能。现在看来这个生态体系正在逐渐完善。我们的功能涵盖了 交易、借贷、保险、NFT市场、社区组织结构、钱包服务等,在未来会和银行服务深度合作。在技术上,我们遵循实用主义,这个方式来指导我们的开发,技术实现的目标就是如何用最简单的方式让更广泛的人群使用区块链。在运营上,我们采用了DAO的组织形式,现在全球有几千个自组织加入到Vswap中来。

海带What are the problems in the current encryption industry, and in what ways will Vswap improve?


JPFrom a technical point of view in the encryption industry, the outstanding problem is that the competition for standards is too fierce, which has caused developers have to adapt too many targeted improvements.Sometimes in order to achieve simple functions, many infrastructures need to be built, and each main network has its own difference.This may seem innovative to mainnet developers, but for cross-chain developers, it is heavy and repetitive work.Another problem is that at the current stage, the operating costs(not only gas) on the chain are getting higher and higher.This is a good news for projects that have monopolized the market value. But don’t forget that the cost of a single transaction has also increased significantly while the market value has increased. Not a good sign.


Vswap believes that what users need is a sustainable and stable cheap on-chain transfer solution, so we have added this kind of thinking to the future implementation of the second layer network.At the same time, Vswap tokens are issued on more than one blockchain by burning and mapping to reduce the impact of cross-chain smart contract restrictions, and VAL mapping tokens will also be issued on the layer2 in the future.We do this to match the current blockchain development pattern as much as possible, while at the same time making users unaware of this when using Vswap.





海带What is your opinion on the current competition among many public chains? What is the development layout of Vswap in this situation?


JPThe competition of chains is inevitable,that’s the result of the free development of the market, because from a technical perspective, we have studied the consensus mechanism and contract realization of many chains.

Sometimes the best technical standards may not necessarily bring long-term vitality.

This is a cruel reality, not only in the blockchain field, but also in many industries, such as engine standards and mobile communication standards.

So my suggestion is for people in the blockchain industry to learn more about the evolution of standards from other industries.

The blockchain is not the first emerging industry, and it will not be the last.

The development layout of Vswap is to be user-oriented. What is really users need. We will focus on what functions are produced to achieve community requirements. The technology accumulation brought by such needs may close to the critical point of the standard, that is, Vswap's collaboration standards.


海带There are a lot of discussions about the expansion of Ethereum. What are the requirements of Vswap for the expansion plan? Is there a clear choice at the moment?


JPVswap has chosen ZKRollup's Markov tree solution, but due to our performance requirements, we will optimize the layer2 network to a certain extent, and will learn from the experience of many successful projects.

But we also have our own innovations. For example, the design of the insurance pool of the layer2 network is not entirely the original ZKRollup design.Because Vswap has set up the DAO sub-community system, we will advance the business operation of the sub-community on the L2 network Ready for technical realization.