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Maggie WuHow much research did Animoca Brands do on cryptocurrencies and NFTs before developing blockchain games? 

在开发区块链游戏之前,Animoca Brands 对加密货币和 NFT 做过哪些研究?

Yat SiuAs technologists, we are always looking out for new opportunities and keeping updated on new developments particularly in the innovator and early adopter stage, which basically means that we are researching all the time. We got into the NFT  space in 2018 when we bought a company that helped develop CryptoKitties, and that accelerated our research and involvement. A few months later we invested in Dapper Labs (the creator of CrytpoKitties) and since then we have made over 50 investments in NFT related companies.

作为技术专家,我们一直都在寻找新的机会并不断了解新的发展领域,特别是作为创新者处在早期采用阶段,故这意味着我们一直都在进行研究。2018 年我们收购了一家帮助开发 CryptoKitties(迷恋猫) 的公司,从而步入了NFT领域,这也加速了我们在此领域的研究和成长。几个月后,我们投资了 Dapper Labs(迷恋猫的创建者),自那时起,我们对投资多於50间与 NFT 相关的公司。

Maggie WuWhat is the different of combination of blockchain, NFT cryptocurrency and games from traditional games? Why is it so attractive?

用 NFT和加密货币技术创建的区块链游戏,与传统的游戏有什么不同?为什么如此吸引人?

Yat SiuThe main difference between blockchain games and traditional games (apart from decentralization) is that blockchain games provide digital property rights to players thanks to crypto tokens (fungible and non). Digital property rights are new to most gamers, because in traditional games the publisher owns the game assets and only licenses them to the player. Licenses can be revoked or suspended at any time and for a variety of reasons, regardless of the amount of money a gamer puts into a game. That's not ownership, it's rental.



If you truly own something, then you have control over it. In a blockchain game, any game asset can be an NFT, and this means it can be yours to do with - and to benefit from - as you see fit. And it's not just about selling it for a profit, it's about doing things that are not possible with traditional game assets: you might want to use your NFT in a different game or stake it to passively generate revenue over time.


如果您真正拥有某个东西,那么您可以控制它。在区块链游戏中,任何游戏资产都可以是一个NFT,这意味着您可以根据自己的意愿使用——并从中受益。不仅是为了赚钱而出售,还有传统游戏资产无法做到的事情,那就是把你的 NFT 用于其他游戏中,或将其质押,从而随着时间的推移产生被动收入。

Maggie WuGAMEE has just completed the public offering of tokens. What role will the tokens play in GAMEE's games?

GAMEE 刚刚完成了代币的公开发行, 该代币在Gamee 游戏中扮演什么角色呢?

Yat SiuThe GAMEE Token (GMEE) will have the following utility:


Gameplay Payments and Entry Fees: Players will need GMEE to pay for an entry fee to all skill-based tournaments in GAMEE Arc8 and in GAMEE Robots games.


Gameplay Rewards: Rewards across supported games and platforms (GAMEE Prizes, GAMEE Arc8 tournaments and GAMEE Robots) are paid in GMEE.


NFTs Purchase: Players will need GMEE to purchase GAMEE’s NFTs including G-Bots and Game Parcels.


NFTs Upgrades: Players will pay with GMEE to upgrade their G-Bot and increase the robot's overall power and stats.


Staking: Staking G-Bots will enable its owner to earn rewards in GMEE.


Governance: GMEE will allow holders to participate in decisions about the platform features and content. Voting rights can be exercised on games roadmap, the featuring of game content on dedicated Game Parcels, and distribution of prize reward pools.


GAMEE 代币(GMEE)将有以下实用性(功能):


支付玩游戏时的费用和报名费:玩家需要用 GMEE 支付 GAMEE Arc8 和 GAMEE Robots 游戏中所有技能比赛的报名费。


游戏奖励:跨所支持的游戏和平台(GAMEE奖,GAMEE Arc8 锦标赛和 GAMEE 机器人)的奖励均以 GMEE 支付。


购买  NFT:玩家需要 GMEE 才能购买 GAMEE 的 NFT,包括 G-Bots 和 Game Parcel。


NFT 升级:玩家将支付 GMEE 来升级他们的 G-Bot,并增加机器人的整体实力和性能。


质押:质押 G-Bots,持有者能够在 GMEE 中获得奖励。


治理:将允许 GMEE 持有者参与有关平台功能和内容的决策。可以对游戏蓝图、专用Game Parcel 游戏内容、及奖励池的奖励分配行使投票权。

Yat SiuIn the view of Krypital Group,what are the most suitable fields for NFT? why?


Maggie WuFrom our perspective, we have been closely following NFT’s rapid growth since last year.


From the data we collected, Q1 2021, the cumulative NFT sales have surpassed 1.1 Billion USD.


Currently, we can see the most tractions are coming from


1) Sports Card or memorabilia such as NBA Top Shots, Chiliz,

2) Digital arts or collectible such as CryptoPunks, Beeple, etc.

3) Gaming space and Virtual worlds such as MANA, Sand, etc.  


Other than these, we think there are many more use cases suitable for NFT, such as financial, real estate, documentation, fashion and intellectual, etc.


One of our portfolio projects called SOLV Finance, this project builds a diversified DeFi x NFT trading platform based on a new commercial paper token agreement. Solv supports new features such as forward contracts, NFT share splits, and mortgage installment payments.


Another project of ours called MonoX is also building financial derivatives as NFTs. They are making options and futures tradable and redeemable on their single token pool.


From the development of the space, the innovative use of NFT as LP Token in the Uniswap V3 proposal brings out more financial attributes of NFT and further proves that there are many future opportunities for DeFi x NFT.


We are very interested to explore more new ideas and projects that are developing in different area.








1)体育卡或纪念品,例如NBA Top Shots,Chiliz,






我们的投资项目之一称为SOLV Finance,该项目基于新的商业票据代币协议构建了多元化的DeFi x NFT交易平台。Solv支持新功能,例如远期合同,NFT股份分割和抵押分期付款。




从空间的发展来看,Uniswap V3提案中NFT作为LP令牌的创新使用带来了NFT的更多财务属性,并进一步证明了DeFi x NFT的未来机会很多。



Maggie WuHow is F1® Delta Time's track NFT auction progressed yesterday? A section of the track in the previous F1 Delta Time game was sold at an auction price of $222,000. What can players do after taking a high price for this track?

昨天 F1® Delta Time 赛道的 NFT 拍卖进展如何?在之前的F1® Delta Time赛事中,一段赛道以222,000美元的拍卖价出售。玩家以这么高昂的竞价购入赛道有什么用呢?

Yat SiuWe sold a total of 300 Epic tier segments of six official F1 events on 14 April 2021 within one and a half hours for 9,900,000 REVV (~US$3.38 million at the time). The first Apex event segment “Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2020 1A” was sold at auction in December 2020 for 9,081,752 REVV (~US$223,000 at the time of sale), and it was the highest price ever paid for a game-based NFT, branded game NFT, and, potentially, any NFT back then.


In F1® Delta Time, Event segments provide passive rewards to their owners in the form of REVV tokens: by simply owning these event segments, players can receive a proportion of the entry fee in REVV paid by players when they race in that event. The percentage of REVV earned by event segment owners depends on the rarity of the segment as well as the number of segments in circulation.


在F1® Delta Time,一级方程式赛事分了多个赛道段和稀有度,每一条分段都是一个 NFT。赛事段以 REVV 代币的形式向其所有者提供被动奖励:通过简单地拥有这些赛道段,玩家可以在比赛中获得玩家支付的部分 REVV 报名费。赛道段的稀有度和流通中的赛道段数量决定了赛道段持有者所能获取的REVV百分比数。赛事分组成四个不同的稀有度和实力等级:极致、传奇、史诗和稀有。


2021年4月14日,我们在一个半小时内售完了 6个F1官方赛事中的300段 Epic 史诗级赛道段,售得 9,900,000 REVV(当时约为338万美元)。第一个极致赛道段 “一级方程式2020摩纳哥大奖赛” 在2020年12月的拍卖中以 9,081,752 REVV(约合223,000美元)售出,有史以来在游戏类 NFT、品牌游戏 NFT以及当时任何 NFT 中创造了最高价。

Maggie WuWhat other innovative things can be achieved with the combination of NFTand games? How do you promote to players and get them to accept NFT?


Yat SiuWe believe that NFTs are a powerful new opportunity for gaming, where NFTs will cause a dramatic shift in power from game publishers to gamers - especially important because gamers are already the largest buyers of virtual goods. We pivoted Animoca Brands toward NFTs way back in 2018 because we understood that digital property rights offer unprecedented opportunities and will create economic opportunities similar to those that property rights created in the real world.


Imagine what the auto industry would be like if you needed permission from the car manufacturer to change the color of your car or install a new sound system - or if you were simply not allowed to make any such modifications. That is the state of digital gaming and data until the arrival of blockchain and NFTs.


NFTs will do to digital property what open source has done to coding: provide substantial opportunities for creation and economic expansion. For example, NFTs already have the ability to be financed on platforms such as NFTfi, or fractionalized on platforms such as Unic.ly. These third party providers developed exciting new services that benefit the owners of NFTs and do not require participation from the publishers/creators - much like how we engage with our property in the real world.


We are now partnering with different major intellectual properties such as Formula 1, MotoGP, Formula E, The Smurfs, Beast Quests, Manchester City FC, and many more to develop NFTs and blockchain games. Through the power of these brands, we aim to attract more traditional game players to learn more and understand the benefits of NFTs and blockchain gaming, bringing a mass adoption of blockchain and NFTs.


我们认为,对于许多行业来说 NFT 都是一个大好的新机会,包括我们自己的游戏行业,在这些行业中,NFT实现了从游戏发行商到游戏玩家的巨大权力转移,这一点尤其重要,因为游戏玩家已经是虚拟商品的最大买家。我们早在2018年就将Animoca Brands转向NFT,因为我们了解到数字产权提供了前所未有的生机,并将创造与非数字世界中的产权类似的经济机会。




NFT将像开源代码 (open source) 那样为数字财产做好编码:为创造和经济扩张提供大量机会。例如,NFT 已经具有在 NFTfi 等平台上进行融资的能力,或在 Unic.ly 等平台上进行分拆的能力。这些第三方供应商开发了令人兴奋的新服务,这些服务使 NFT 的所有者受益,并且不需要发行人/创作者的参与——就像我们在现实世界中如何支配财产一样。


我们现在与不同的大知识产权(IP)品牌合作,例如 Formula 1,MotoGP,Formula E,Smurfs,Beast Quests,Manchester City FC 等,从而开发 NFT 或区块链游戏。通过这些品牌的实力,我们旨在吸引更多传统的游戏玩家,带领他们获取更多信息,了解 NFT 和区块链游戏的优势,从而广泛采用区块链 和 NFT

Yat SiuHow to view the prospects of blockchain games? What conditions are needed for the outbreak of blockchain games?


Maggie WuGames are very good use cases for NFTs. The past success such as crypto-kitties, sandbox proof us that this area had huge impact in the crypto space. In order to have break-through, we think there are a few things that still need to be improved:


1) Infrastructure. The high gas fee will prevent a general user to play the game. So that why we see projects like Flow, Enjin or WAX are valuable, games build on those platforms could lower the gas fee significantly. Also, things like Wallet usage, fiat on-off ramps are also important.


2) We need more talented game developers to join this area. Without their participation, we won’t have good quality games. So we see the booming of this NFT market a very good sign since it might attract more game developers to join.


3) Last but not least, it has to be fun and user-friendly. Most games right now are not that fun and easy to join compare with what we usually play on Steam, Switch, Phone, or Play Station. NFT or blockchain originated games need to lower the barrier of entry and have some special fun points to attract larger gaming audiences.








3)最后但并非最不重要的一点是,它必须有趣且易于使用。与我们通常在Steam,Switch,Phone或Play Station上玩的游戏相比,现在大多数游戏都没有那么有趣且不容易加入。NFT或区块链起源的游戏需要降低进入门槛,并具有一些特殊的趣味点来吸引更大的游戏受众。

Maggie WuHow many games are there under Animoca Brands? In addition to racing games, will other IP blockchain games be developed?

Animoca Brands 旗下有哪几款游戏?除了赛车游戏之外,还会开发其他 IP 的区块链游戏吗?

Yat SiuAnimoca Brands has various mobile games, including original games such as Crazy Kings, Crazy Defense Heroes, Battlepalooza, and ChronoBlade, as well as products utilizing popular intellectual properties such as Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, WWE Undefeated, Goosebumps HorrorTown, Peanuts: Snoopy's Town Tale, The Addams Family Mystery Mansion, and Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes.

Animoca Brands 开发了多款手机游戏,包括《疯狂国王塔防战》(Crazy Kings),《疯狂塔防物语》(Crazy Defence Heroes),Battlepalooza 和 ChronoBlade等原创游戏,以及使用热门知识产权的游戏,如:Power Rangers:Legacy Wars,WWE Undefeated,Goosebumps HorrorTown,Peanuts: Snoopy's Town Tale,The Addams Family Mystery Mansion 和 Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes.


For blockchain motorsport games, we have F1 Delta Time, MotoGP Ignition, and an upcoming title based on Formula E. The Sandbox is also one of our blockchain titles and has many IPs in it including Atari, The Smurfs, Care Bears, and Shaun the Sheep. We are always working on new projects, including a new blockchain tower defense game.

关于区块链赛车游戏,我们有F1® Delta Time,MotoGP Ignition 和即将推出的基于Formula E的游戏。Sandbox 也是我们的区块链游戏之一,并且有很多IP,包括Atari,The Smurfs,Care Bears 和Shaun the Sheep。我们不断致力于新项目,包括新的区块链塔防游戏。

Maggie WuWhat is the broadest goal and layout of Animoca Brands?

Animoca Brands 最广泛的目标和布局如何?

Yat SiuAnimoca Brands is a company that’s focused on the NFT space and one way we see ourselves is as a bringer of true digital property rights and enabler of play-to-earn. Our goal is to act on these two important opportunities in gaming in order to revolutionize the gaming industry and facilitate mass adoption of blockchain and NFTs.

Animoca Brands专注于NFT领域,我们认为自己的一种方式是带来真正的数字产权和边玩边赚。我们的目标是应对游戏中的这两个重要机遇,以彻底改变游戏行业并促进区块链和NFT的大规模应用。

Maggie WuWhy does the mainstream society accept NFT so quickly? How do you think of NFT? What do you think the development potential of NFT will be?

为什么主流社会如此迅速地接受了 NFT?您是如何看待 NFT的?您认为 NFT 的发展潜力如何?

Yat SiuI think at the moment mainstream society has been both impressed and surprised by the impressive sales of NFTs in recent months. But the adoption of this technology is still at an early stage and the discussion, including the controversy like the 69 million Beeple sale or record sales of LAND sales by Sandbox or car sales by F1 Deltatime continues to fuel both the debate and interest in NFTs

我认为,近几个月来 NFT 的惊人销售行情给主流社会留下了深刻的印象,令人惊讶!但是,这项技术的采用还处于早期阶段和在讨论中,包括诸如6900万Beeple销售,Sandbox创纪录的LAND销售或F1® Delta Time的赛车销售等,持续激起了人们对 NFTs 的辩论和兴趣。


NFTs represent digital property rights, and allow users to own their data and enjoy the rights and the benefits that come with such ownership. Some examples of valuable use cases:



Finance: Financial proof can be verified via the issuance of an NFT that certifies a financial position or a financial contract or insurance policies.



Legal: property based on a legal contract (such as ownership of real estate or a car) can be represented as NFTs, making the contract immutable and verified via blockchain.



Health: Personal health records could be managed as NFTs and access to this data by third parties would embed commercial rights whereby the owner of the data set is compensated or rewarded.

健康:个人健康记录可以作为 NFT 进行管理,并且第三方对这些数据的访问将具经商权,从而数据集的所有者可获得补偿或奖励。


Collectibles: NFTs demonstrate not just ownership, but also authenticity and provenance. A rare digital item can acquire even greater value if it was previously owned by someone famous.



Sports, fashion: aside from sports collectibles (see NBA Top Shot or our own MotoGP Ignition), NFTs have use cases in ticketing and merchandise to combat the problem of counterfeits.

体育,时尚:除了体育收藏品(请参阅 NBA Top Shot 或我司的 MotoGP Ignition)以外,NFT还在票务和商品中使用用例来解决假冒问题。


Music: the music industry has been making moves into NFTs for some time, with various musicians selling their music via NFTs (see this rundown).

音乐:音乐行业进入 NFT 已有一段时间了,各种音乐家都通过 NFT 出售音乐(请参见此摘要https://www.musictech.net/news/artists-selling-music-nft-making-millions/)。


Censorship-resistant content: material that can be created, discovered, and distributed more or less free of platform restrictions, which may have implications for industries such as pornography (see this article).




Ultimately, NFTs have use cases in almost anything that constitutes a permanent record of some kind, since a blockchain is a distributed ledger and since NFTs represent unique content (i.e., medical or financial records). NFTs enable the ownership of digital records and all the benefits that accrue from such ownership, very similarly to real-world property rights - like ownership of a car or real estate.

最终,由于区块链是分散式账本并且因为NFT所代表内容的唯一性(比如:医疗或财务记录),NFT 几乎在构成某种永久记录的任何事物中都有用例。NFT 支持数字记录的所有权以及这种所有权带来的任何好处,这与现实世界的产权非常相似,例如汽车或房地产的所有权。



















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