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Judy:Could you please introduce the original intention of starting the OCCAM?



Mark BergerBeing able to provide full-service decentralized fundraising will allow DeFi on Cardano to grow to be a truly global phenomenon. But to date, these components and services haven’t existed. Occam.fi will address the need for decentralized fundraising mechanisms to undertake significant capital raises on Cardano, while also bringing a range of DeFi use cases to Cardano through several components of our ecosystem. 


The first component of this ecosystem will be Occam.fi’s decentralized funding platform, a launchpad, called OccamRazer.


OccamRazer offers a full suite of compliance and RegTech tools for professional venture capital participants, as well as an interface that is user-friendly enough to accommodate less technical participants. OccamRazer is production-ready, and will host its first IDOs very soon.








Judy:How about the team background and financing of OCCAM? IDO on April 14th sold out in 1 second, is this kind of market enthusiasm unexpected?



Mark BergerActually, it was close to 30 seconds, but yes — it was rapid, unprecedented, and totally unexpected. We were of course equal parts elated that there was such high demand for our token, and also saddened not everyone could participate. But we wanted to show that our OccamRazer platform was ready for market, and ready to host IDOs, it wasn’t so much about completing the full IDO through OccamRazer. This is why we immediately moved to UniSwap when the 200,000 OCC was depleted on OccamRazer, where you could actually acquire OCC for a lower price than on the IDO platform.Imagine the value that will flow to the first projects building on Cardano and raising capital through the OccamRazer platform. We think it will be a sight to behold and a significant step forward for the Cardano ecosystem.




Judy:Why did OCCAM choose Cardano among many public chains and transfer the liquidity on Ethereum to the Cardano ecosystem?



Mark BergerOccam.fi aims to become one of Cardano’s smart DeFi layers, and as such we are focusing on building out a set of components aimed at catalysing Cardano’s on-chain liquidity.


Today Cardano is among the most promising blockchain networks in the space across a number of dimensions—including its potential capacity for hosting complex and expressive DeFi applications. Upon finally releasing its multi-asset and native token capabilities through the Mary hard fork, Cardano is now poised for massive inflows of capital. However, without having production-ready smart contract capabilities yet, there are still limitations to how much capital will remain on-chain in these early days.


This is where cross-chain bridges could become an infinite loop of liquidity seamlessly transferring between Cardano and other blockchains. This liquidity could be instrumental in the early development of Cardano’s DeFi landscape — and we need to find ways to retain this liquidity within the ecosystem.








Judy:What is the economic model of OCCAM and how to motivate investors to hold tokens and participate in the OCCAM ecosystem? Will there be incentive activities?



Mark BergerOur tokenomics are diverse and subject to change as we grow, and we feel the entire tokenomic model can only be grasped by reading our Medium deep dive, which you can find here(https://medium.com/occam-finance/occ-tokenomics-and-utility-ac0b9a139499). To summarise though, the OCC token will empower access to liquidity mining pools, participation in private liquidity pools, continuous ecosystem diversification through the OccamDAO, paying for pool origination fees, and staking. 

我们的代币经济学是多元化的,并且随着我们的成长会发生变化,我们认为只有通过阅读我们的“Medium deep dive”才能掌握整个代币模型。综上所述,OCC代币将使人们能够进入流动性矿池,并参与私人流动池,通过OccamDAO进行持续的生态系统多样化,支付启动费和抵押。


Judy:OCCAM launched the first Ethereum-Cardano cross-chain liquidity bridge. What does this mean for improving the liquidity on the Cardano blockchain?



Mark BergerAcross every blockchain network that has introduced smart contract and multi-asset capabilities, the race is on to bring users, decentralised applications, and, today, probably foremost, decentralised finance (DeFi) to their chain.

Instrumental to this ensuing war for liquidity are cross-chain bridges, pieces of smart contract logic that work toward the interchain wrapping of assets — effectively tethering an asset on one blockchain to the value of a matching asset deployed on the source blockchain. 

Cross-chain bridges are integral to both the long-term prosperity of any multi-asset blockchain network; and they are critical to boosting the on-chain liquidity of a blockchain. Projects launching through OccamRazer will also be able to make use of this cross-chain bridge, giving projects planning to launch on Cardano access to Ethereum user base and liquidity.





Judy:OCCAM's upcoming OccamRazer is a financing platform built on Cardano. What are the features compared to other IDO platforms? What criteria of projects are you looking for? How can one project be launched through it?



Mark BergerOccamRazer, alongside our planned Ethereum to Cardano liquidity bridge, will allow young startups who have passed the idea-validation stage to raise serious amounts of capital in a decentralised way. By mobilising the collective power of both the Cardano and Ethereum ecosystems, carefully selected projects with strong potential for growth can offer their tokens through OccamRazer’s launchpad facilities.

Projects can apply to launch through our IDO platform, OccamRazer. They can also apply for verified status, or ‘ProjectX’ status, which gives them access to an investment by the OccamDAO. This investment buys up to 20% of a project's token cap, and immediately distributes this to OCC token stakeholders with at least $2,000 in OCC. 

This is a huge and disruptive feedback mechanism of rewarding stakeholders and encouraging solid projects to list through the OccamRazer platform. Project criteria will focus on those startups that bring true value into the Cardano ecosystem. 



可以通过我们的IDO平台OccamRazer申请启动项目。他们还可以申请已验证状态或“ ProjectX”状态,这使他们可以查看OccamDAO的投资。这项投资最多购买项目代币上限的20%,并立即将其分发给OCC代币拥有者至少2,000美元的OCC。



Judy:What do you think of the development of current DeFi projects on Ethereum? In contrast, will OCCAM have any innovations?



Mark BergerEthereum has a flourishing DeFi ecosystem. But it’s time some of this value moved to other blockchains, especially with the ever increasing gas fees and network congestion on Ethereum. Therefore, we are proud to offer the decentralised cross-chain liquidity bridge necessary for this exodus.



Judy:What is the overall progress of the OCCAM project, and what are the immediate actions and subsequent plans?



Mark BergerOur OccamRazer platform is ready to host the first IDOs who want to leverage our purpose-built launchpad solution. We will also be releasing more details on OccamX, the OccamDAO, and more very soon, so stay tuned.



Judy:DeFi was born in Ethereum, but currently it is also prosperous on the pulic chain of exchanges like Binance BSC,which has fewer validation nodes and higher concentration. In the long run, which type of public chain do you think is more suitable for the development of DeFi. Does OCCAM have plans to transfer the liquidity on the BSC chain to the Cardano ecosystem in the later stage?



Mark BergerAs we proved through our strategic collaboration with the Bitcoin.com Exchange for custodial services, we are highly motivated to bring liquidity from other blockchain’s to Cardano. At the moment, this only includes the Ethereum blockchain, but we will certainly evaluate other blockchains in the future. Our Ethereum to Cardano liquidity bridge is.

正如我们通过与Bitcoin.com的托管服务战略合作证明的那样,我们非常有动力将流动性从其他区块链带到Cardano。 目前,这仅包括以太坊区块链,但我们肯定会在未来评估其他区块链


Judy:The congestion problem on Ethereum hinders the further development of DeFi. Will there be such a problem on Cardano, and what impact will it have on the development of OCCAM?



Mark BergerWhile we do not envisage Cardano encountering the same transactional congestion issues as the Ethereum blockchain, we cannot say for certain what the future will look like for Cardano’s on-chain activity. What we can say is that at the moment, gas and waiting times on Ethereum have reached a breaking point, and Cardano looks to have an affordable and fast solution. We also look forward to seeing how IOHK’s research into Hydra for scaling will upgrade the Cardano ecosystem as it grows.



Judy:The NFT field is growing very rapidly recently. Does OCCAM have any plans to introduce NFT into the protocol?

最近NFT领域发展非常迅速, OCCAM有没有将NFT引入协议的想法?


Mark BergerWe will have details on NFT initiatives very soon. Please make sure you follow our social media for more information on this! 



Judy:At present, the market value of Coinbase and Binance are both around US$80 billion, while the market value of Uniswap has reached around US$20 billion. What do you think of the competition between the CEX and DEX? What will OCCAM’s position be in this?

目前,Coinbase 和币安的市值都在800亿美金左右,而Uniswap的市值也达到了200亿美金上下,你如何看待CEX和DEX的竞争?


Mark BergerIn terms of valuations, we believe that when it comes to Cardano, all bets are off! As our IDO proved, the Cardano community is absolutely huge, and crying out for DeFi tools. So, we do believe that DEX tools developed for the Cardano ecosystem could one day compete with centralised trading platforms.

We believe that the community factor alone could expedite the adoption of platforms and solutions building on Cardano. In the future we aim to fill this niche through best-in-class decentralized exchange solutions, offering a range of trading products, launchpad capabilities, staking mechanisms, and rewards for token holders. Through carefully and fairly designed decentralised ecosystems that provide all of the same features and components as CEX trading venues, we believe that the DEX revolution will naturally transform the blockchain industry back to its decentralised roots.





















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